Research and Development

In a rapidly changing market, the innovation capacity is becoming more and more important, for this reason the Research and Development has a crucial role within the Group, which finds its highest expression and especially its implementation by conjugating two different approaches, with a view to full integration: within the organization through a continuous research, in order to improve materials and processes, but even before through an innovative design oriented towards the amelioration of the packaging characteristics and functionality thanks to a close cooperation with the main Customers of the Food Industry and the Modern Distribution Systems; outside the organization through an ongoing collaboration with Bodies, Research Centers and Universities, R&S Supplier Departments etc. on both National and European level, through research and innovation projects like for instance, the development of new materials with hight barrier to packaging gases, avoiding the use of the traditional ones, thereby ensuring not only high performance, but also a higher recyclability and sustainability.

It is because of what mentioned above that important goals have been achieved, both within the processes and the products, like for instance, the optimization of the weight-performance ratio, with a significant reduction of the environmental impact against high technical and functional performances of all types of trays.

“Nor even the smallest undertaking can start or end without one of the following three things: without knowledge, without power, without wanting with love” (anonymous Florentine from 1300)