The quality of the products is not simply related to technical specifications, but even before to the quality of the process result, that is to say, the perfect integration of Materials, Machines, Technologies and Human Resources in a continuous and repeatable process

The objective is not “to count the dead” the non-complaints products, but to act in a pro-active way, so to avoid the non-conformity from happening, thanks to the necessary controls and above all, through an enduring training of the involved personnel at all levels: in the procurement processes, the production, the storage and the delivery of the finished product.
For this reason the Quality Assurance has the task of implementing and verifying the correct application of all internal procedures, staff training included, with particular attention to the ones which assure the hygiene and safety of the different plants, warehouses and offices; through for instance monitoring preventive actions, as well as pest-control, cleaning programs and of course the verification of their effectiveness.
Moreover, The Quality Assurance, guarantees also the application of the different procedures concerning the security, like the correct use by the personnel of the individual protection devices and the respect of the sanitary regulations. The correct application of the Quality , Hygiene and Safety procedures is therefore constantly monitored through programmed internal audits, thanks to which, precise corrective and preventive actions can be defined.