Quality policy

The common vision represents the necessary condition to individuate strategies and ways shared in a continue market evolution, with always more complex and articulated exigencies.

All the people that operate in the company work and collaborate, in an unique direction, for the same purpose in order to guarantee a continuous satisfaction of our clients, beyond of the role and the hierarchical level to assure the Esperia survival and its development in a highly competitive and changeable market.

All the people, in a direct and indirect way, participate at the product creation and its quality which will be used by the customer. The quality is not obtained only by the definition of specifics or procedures of production, but it is something daily made with the effort and the collaboration of everyone, through the progression of a preventive mentality.

The respect of the law results a necessary condition but not sufficient to guarantee the legislative conformity of products designed and produced by Esperia and its dispensed services.

Core Business of the company is the production of trays for food contact application, by extrusion process, thermoforming process and absorbent pad application process. The quality of our product and service is what guarantees the acquisition of new clients, its continue improvement assures the full satisfaction and induces new and continuous purchases. The object therefore becomes the plenty satisfaction of the customer and consequently his loyalty building.

The faithful clients compared to the occasional ones represent the main point on which we have to invest so to guarantee a continuous development able to assure at the company and at all its collaborators a continue improvement in the future.

In order to realize what explained above, the direction has defined to:

  • Follow an investment strategy that allows continuous development of the company in terms of structure and implement, improving the occupational safety, the products quality and productivity, necessary condition to guarantee the Company’s survive and development.
  • Invest in research and development in order to improve the product quality and the alimentary safety to reduce the environmental impact.
  • Control the market trying to anticipate the changes with innovative solutions able to satisfy the emergent tendencies in terms of new materials and new packaging systems.
  • Develop system of management and control of the company performances always more effective, in order to furnish valid indicators able to support the direction in the company management and guide it in the future decisions.
  • Create and consolidate with the client a commercial and faithful relationship, thanks to a mutual knowing and collaboration, in an optic of continue improvement on a product and service level.
  • Identify the suppliers able to offer products in compliance with the specific requests and establish a proper partnership.
  • Consider our collaborators at every levels as a fundamental patrimony of the Company on which invest in terms of training and information in order to create and consolidate the sense of involvement and membership

General Direction