Products and systems

The loyalty of customers and the new product and market development, represent the main objective of GRUPPO HAPPY, this is an objective that for being reached, it needs an offer made by quality products at competitive prices, but also of an increasing range, in which the requests vary from PSE trays to the rigid packaging in PP, PET, etc.
But this is not enough, there is also a need for more performing and innovative new packaging systems , where the packaging , together with the packaging line, must be supported by specific experience and professionalism, able to solve all the problems related to the correct functioning of the system itself. It is in this context, that GRUPPO HAPPY fits, representing therefore, the sole reference, able to offer not only a complete range in terms of product, but also a service and a support, able to satisfy the increasing demand of a rapidly growing market.

GRUPPO HAPPY arises among the main European producers of plastic thermoformed containers. The complete production cycle (EXTRUSION-THERMOFORMING), thanks to the use of the main polymers requested by the market, has allowed to create a range of containers conceived for being a concrete response to the several needs of the fresh product packaging by the food industry and the modern distribution. The initial experience gained in the Expanded Polystyrene (XPS) has represented the necessary know-how with which to face the development of other materials and their industrialization, so widening the offer with a range of new products in PP, PET, PS and other.