“Top Seal” Trays

Top Seal trays are the result of an extensive and long research and experimentation conducted with, on one side, the machinery manufacturers and, on the other one, with customers on the packing lines. The information and experience gained have allowed, therefore, to obtain a product line that perfectly responds to the current packaging needs, combining the best technical and functional aspects with design. The specific formula and structure of the barrier film, together with the optimization of the production processes (extrusion and thermoforming), have led to obtaining a barrier container which guarantees, as long as it is necessary, the gas leakproofness for the preparation of the packaging: this is a necessary condition for the respect of the requested shelf-life.

They are also very robust, able to withstand the forces exerted by the vacuum action in the packaging machines industry, without crushing or deformation. They can also bear the strains and impacts during handling, exposure in p.o.s. and transportation by the customer to his home, any damage to the tray may, in fact, cause a gas leak inside the pack, placing the product under risk.

In addition, the structure of the tray, smooth and without bowing, with a wide and constant size edge, assures, also, an easy process, better unstacking, and a proper sliding on the production lines, minimizing the risks of machine stops, and thus ensuring the maximum productive levels.

"Top Seal" TP Trays

The “Top Seal” containers with applied absorbent pad (Tray-pad) are a simple and immediate solution to transform a Top Seal Standard tray into one capable of absorbing exudate coming from meat or fish. Depending on the size of the absorbent and on its absorption factor, it can satisfy the most demanding needs.