"Top Seal" Super Trays

The barrier tray “Top Seal Super” represents the natural evolution of the Standard Top Seal, joining the barrier to gas characteristics with the absorbency of the meat or fish exudates. The absorbing double-lamination structure with barrier film and sealed edges in order to guarantee the holding of the modified atmosphere gas in the tray, has requested a long research and experimentation work on different materials, as well as the necessity to project and make new equipment and production lines. The result is an innovative product which combine several advantages both for the customer and the final consumer.


  • Excellent presentation of the product: absence of exudate on the whole inner surface
  • Absence of inconvenient due to a possible separation of the PAD from the bottom.
  • Suitable for packing any type of meat and fish
  • Superior and constant organoleptic, nutritional and hygienic features, for all its shelf-life
  • Optimisation of production and distribution. Waste reduction.
  • Better service and added value for the final consumer