Film stretch – DAN FILM

Dan Film is the result of a long research aimed at obtaining an extensible film with ideal characteristics for the fresh food conservation. Extensibility, brightness and transparency are just a few of its main characteristics. Thanks to its specific formula, which assures a perfect transpiration of the food, condensation on the internal surface of the film is practically absent, so permitting an optimal presentation and duration of the product.

DAN FILM, thanks to its double-layer structure, assures constant thickness and quality characteristics, allowing definitely superior performances if compared to the other films, especially if used on the automatic packing lines, reducing the risk of breaking and production stops. Its special elasticity and strength allow the film to remain well tight around the food product, assuring a very good resistance to the rip, also to the irregular shape products and those with angles. Because of its special excellent elastic recovery, the package maintains its optimal aesthetic aspect for longer, also after few manipulations. Available in different sizes, thickness and formulas, it represents a simple and efficient solution for the packaging of the main fresh products, like white and red meat, fish, cheese, fruit and vegetables, etc..