Magic Pack Deutschland was founded in 2011 on the basis of more than ten years’ professional experience in the food packaging for the industry and the modern distribution. In 2013 it started its commercial activity, and thanks to a 4500 m2 logistic structure located in Grevenbroich/NRW, and mainly to an experienced commercial activity which well know its territory, it immediately achieved important targets, in terms of turnover and market.

Magic Pack Deutschland operates on the German market, but its area of activity runs across Benelux, Scandinavia, Austria, Switzerland up to the Baltic States. The main activity is the trading of XPS, PP, PET food trays for the packing of any kind of food, made by the production plants of Happy Group. Moreover, to its own production, other commercialized products can be added, always for the food packaging sector, such as stretch film, technical films, different kind of trays, and other typology of products, capable of satisfying any kind of need within the food packaging sector.

The aim is to supply the customers such as the retail, the modern distribution, the food industry, and the food packaging wholesalers with an accurate service in terms of quality, speed, on all the reference market, offering a continuous and qualified collaboration in terms of product assistance and support, regulatory aspects, but also on technical problems related to the packing lines and to the packaging systems optimization.