Human Resources

“The best way to make someone to do something, at his best possible way,
is to make her/him wanting to do it. Any other system is ruinous”

In the light of this, the philosophy of GRUPPO HAPPY finds its application. A philosophy which puts the human person at the core of things, like an essential resource, that, with its own peculiarity, becomes one of the backbone element of the team, at all organization levels, starting from the Production, through the management an up to the Directorate General.
The Human Resources in fact, represent for the Group a source of strength which guarantees its competitiveness and growth in time; the Training and Instruction represent therefore the main instruments to create and increase the knowledge and the skills, that is to say, the most important ingredients for motivated and competent staff. This process, of course, is managed through a programmed path and institutional moments which concern the new and the already operating staff.
However, the aim is not to use some reference trainers within the company, but to develop the relevant expertise of each member of staff for a continuous training at all organization levels and not only during the programmed moments but in any possible moment of the working day.
On the above basis, a shared vision through a continuous comparison, has allowed to create those important values that drive the Group and as a consequence to build the confidence in itself and in what it can achieve, so creating a unique and lasting competitive advantage.