Applied absorbant (Tray-Pad) containers

Containers with applied absorbent (Tray-Pad) represent a simple and immediate solution for transforming a standard tray into one that can absorb the excess liquids oozing out of meat or fish. Many different requirements can be met, depending on the size of the Pad and its absorption capacity. The absorbent pads are available in various colours and all consist of a triple layer: an upper macro-perforated PE film, a central layer of highly absorbent fibrous material and a lower layer of macro-perforated PE. The described structure ensures excellent functionality because it can absorb the exudate from direct contact with the food and also the liquid on the bottom by capillarity. Also, the flat surface in the centre of the tray and the particular gluing in a spider's web pattern ensure perfect adhesion of the absorbent pad to the container, so preventing possible detachment and the consequences that may arise from it.