More than 25 Years of Experience

1988 - PRIMA s.r.l, was founded as a distribution company of products, with over 20 years of experience in the packaging market. The ongoing proximity to the Customer and a corporate mentality addressed, from one side, to the totality of the packaging problems, and to the other, to the solution of specific exigencies, have been the guidelines for an enduring service and support, aiming to completely satisfy the Customer.

1992 - The need to rely on its own production of expanded polystyrene food trays became essential; therefore, in 1992 MAGIC PACK s.r.l. was founded, a production unit for the development and manufacturing of such containers, designed for the food industry and for the modern distribution.

2000 – The current plant was built, based in CREMONA (ITALY): so the complete cycle production started, from the raw material to the finished product.

2006 - The enduring commercial growth in sales, the acquisition of important European Customers, the request for new types of products, the Growth of new markets, have led to the need of increasing the production of the expanded polystyrene sector, but also to widen the offer in terms of material and type of containers. HAPPY s.r.l. was, consequently founded. The new production site, always with complete cycle, was built close to MAGIC PACK.

2009 - ESPERIA s.r.l. was founded as a company with a complete cycle (Extrusion-Thermoforming), specialised in the production of compact plastic containers for food. Thanks also to the productive experience of Magic Pack and Happy and to an increasing demand of this kind of packaging, Esperia has soon reached high level of Productivity and Quality , becoming one of the most important European producer of this sector.

2009 - MAGIC PACK IBERICA S.L., was also founded, based in Barcelona, for the distribution on the Iberian market, Canary islands included. In a very short time, it has become one of the most important supplier of the food packaging destined to the Food Industry and the Modern Distribution, for containers in polystyrene, polypropylene, stretch film and other.

2009 – The growing process continues with the acquirement of new markets, MAGIC PACK DEUTSCHLAND GMBH, a distribution company on the German territory, Northern Europe included. This represents a milestone for the acquisition of new customers and, making use of an experienced organizationall structure, it can offer products and services, capable of satisfying all the exigencies of the food packaging sector.

This is how a commercial and productive site at European level takes place in the food packaging sector, able to offer products, systems and services for the food packaging, which can fully satisfy the most different packaging exigencies in terms of quantity and technical-quality of the Food Industry and the Modern Distribution.