The Quality and Safety issue within the food sector, in Italy like in Europe, is increasingly important for the choices of the final consumer, who is more careful and demanding when buying the foodstuffs.
The Quality of the products is strictly dependant on the quality of the processes; for this reason, every production company of the Group, at the beginning of its activity, carrying out a process approach, aimed at implementing and improving the Quality Management System, with the objective of satisfying the customers’ essential requirements, to the mandatory ones and to the ones established by the company itself.
The Quality and Safety represent important areas of comparison among all the companies of GRUPPO HAPPY. Everyone within the Group is engaged to constantly feed the efforts for growth and learning thanks to the involvement of every single level of the organization and the training activities so to have an ongoing improvement of the quality of the products and the processes which consolidates but doesn’t finish with the recognition of the certificates UNI EN ISO 9001-2015.

Certificazione ISO-9001 Esperia SRL
Certificazione ISO-9001 Prima SRL